Explore the bungalow grounds

The Flower Bungalow is nestled on a slice of historic land in the Arcadia-Osborn neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona. Once an early-1900s citrus grove, the just-shy-of-an-acre sized property houses two full-size homes, developing garden spaces, a pool and a variety of unique vegetation.

Charming, original features from the first iteration of our homes can still be seen today. From original brickwork to remnants of citrus orchards, to an amazing beehive fireplace — the details always delight.  

Our home was amazing on its own, but we are slowly adding our own touches to the land. Aiming for a flowery, lush oasis, we have started a few garden spaces and are in the process of developing additional features that will enhance bungalow living. 

Sometimes, as I’m taking the beauty in, I try to imagine what the space holds for us in the next five years. I certainly have dreams that I chisel away at little by little, each day as I get my hands into the dirt. All I know is that it’s going to be marvelous. 

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There’s always something to marvel at.

Get to know the bungalow’s unique vegetation

Unusual vegetation sprinkles our property, from a towering pecan tree and pomegranate shrub, to an old raspberry patch, springtime irises, and large banana trees. Each change of the season always brings something wonderful to every corner.

Growing garden spaces

Aside from the amazing vegetation already living at the home, we are rapidly expanding our edible garden spaces. Follow along as we create lush, nourishing garden spaces.