Peek inside the bungalow

While the charm of the bungalow can be felt from the outside, the real wow factor exists in the moment you lay eyes on the stunning interior for the first time. 

Reimagined by the former owners with the help of local designer Cdot Studio, the bungalow’s interior is simply stunning. At the center of it all — a moody, boldly patterned kitchen that serves as the nucleus to our household. 

Large picture windows fill the inside with beaming light every day (perfect for all the plants) and an industrial-style duct passes through to the primary bedroom, adding an eclectic touch. The beehive fireplace stuns from the inside as well.

Originally a studio and garage for previous residents, the original redwood beam ceilings are exposed throughout the house, gracing the home with an earthy, vintage touch.

Learn more about our home’s interior

A bold and stunning kitchen

In our kitchen, dark cabinets meet a starburst tile from the counter, all the way up to the original redwood exposed-beam ceilings. Open shelves balance the built-in cabinets and remarkable geometric chandeliers light up the room.

Eclectic furnishings

Our home is filled with a mixture of modern and vintage furniture and decor. Shopping vintage and secondhand is the best way to achieve that eclectic vibe I love so much. It’s functionality and character at its finest! See my vintage shopping guide for some great vintage sellers on Instagram!

A midcentury home with some quirks

Aside from all of the vintage charm incorporated in and around the home, we had to adjust to some “quirks” when we moved in. From an unexpected noisy structure on our house to a few key features missing, learn about the oddities that make our home one of a kind.

A tiny kid kitchen

Modeled after our real-life kitchen, see this fun kid kitchen makeover.

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