Life on Flower Street is pretty sweet. We moved into the home September, 2020 and plan on staying put for a while! The bungalow magically found its way to our life, which you can read more about in this post about the dream and journey of the home.

There are some really unique aspects to our home and lifestyle, a major one being, we’re not the only ones who live on this property. Buying this home was a result of the fact that there’s actually two homes on the one-acre lot. My husband’s parents actually live next door to us.


The two homes themselves are really special. We’ve dug into its history and studied the original blueprints that came with the homes!  Built in 1949, The original owner was Daniel E. Noble, an American engineer and executive of Motorola. ASU students may recognize his namesake library, the Daniel E. Noble Library of Science and Engineering.  

We feel as though we are stewards of the land here and live on a little slice of history. Each day is an opportunity to care for and beautify a really special place full of old vegetation (like our old pecan tree and pomegranate shrub).

About Me

Dreamer. Wild idea haver. Intuitive designer, cook, artist. 

Hi, I’m Audria and I’m a thirty-something who loves to be creative, write, cook, decorate and fancy myself a gardener. I love color, plants and connection. I love connecting to other people, absolutely, but I love connecting unlikely ideas and ways of doing things.

As of March 2022, I serve colorful and vibrant clients as a freelance web and content developer and digital strategist. If you like what you see, reach out! Let’s see how we can work together. 

My heart belongs to two wild kiddos, Clara and Henry, and my husband Tom. You can read some more random facts about us.

I like to dream big and create so that’s why I present to you this blog, The Flower Bungalow.

About This Blog

The Flower Bungalow is the name of this blog and our affectionate name for the actual house we live in. I was anxious to start this site before we even moved in and knew a few things: the house is bungalow style and it’s on Flower Street. Hence, The Flower Bungalow.

When we knew we were moving to The Flower Bungalow early in 2020, I was so inspired by the house and its lush yard full of amazing vegetation. Everything about the website’s digital identity is rooted in real-life aspects of our home.

 From the black, grey and yellow starburst icon that matches our kitchen tile, to the earthy palette of colors, it’s all because of our home.

This blog is fueled by the energy I get from living at the bungalow. While the content might not always be about the bungalow itself, my creativity is grounded in the charm and beauty of our home.

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