Life at the bungalow

Life at the bungalow is a wonderful experience and a labor of love. With a large, lush property comes the responsibility of maintaining it, while also developing new spaces for our family to enjoy for years to come. 

Our first year in the bungalow brought a newly-discovered passion for gardening and exploring the bounty provided by our slice of historic land. It gave us time to set down roots in this wonderful place

A perfect day begins with a cup of espresso in our wonderful kitchen, followed by some time walking the grounds and checking in on the gardens.

Here at the bungalow, the wind blows through the trees differently, the birds sing a different tune. The blue sky beckons us out of our dwelling everyday, calling us to explore the magic this space has to offer. Our charming home welcomes us back in, inviting us to create delectable dishes and tap into her creative energy. 

While our space continues to develop, so does our lifestyle. We are learning to grow food now so that we can work our way up to sustaining our own food supply in the next few years. I dream of creating a lush cut flower garden. We hope to introduce chickens into our brood shortly and continue to be inspired by the seasonal vegetation our land has to offer. 

Learn more about the bungalow lifestyle

The bungalow is more than a place, it’s a colorful, organic and inspiring lifestyle.


Growing a green thumb

Part of the dream of The Flower Bungalow is to feed our family with food grown right here on our land. We started “pandemic gardening,” and haven’t looked back since. Follow along as I learn and share our gardening journey!

Crafting dishes from garden to table

Bountiful, seasonal harvests inspire the inner chef in me. From the sensory experience of growing, harvesting and cooking fresh ingredients, to the joy of sharing a flavorful dish with friends and family. It’s all a labor of love.

Creatively cultivating our homestead

Vintage flair, modern design and urban farm vibes collide at The Flower Bungalow. See more of the details that make our home and property unique.

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