The surprising skill I want to learn and why

I've had a strong desire to learn a new skill recently, and you might be surprised by what it is.

I recently had to rate myself on my skills at work and create a development plan. It got me to thinking about the skills I have and want to acquire in my personal life too — there are a few of them!

We have called The Flower Bungalow home for just about a year now, which means we’ve had a chance to really live in the space. Because of this, I’ve had plenty of time to dream up of a million ways I’d like to add functionality, design elements and especially storage to our home.

Any project that I have in mind not only requires spousal buy-in, but I would have to heavily rely on others to help me design and build things. I am not only stubborn but consider myself a strong self-starter. This leads me to the skills I want to learn…

Power drills and basic woodworking skills

I want to learn how to build things with my own bare hands! All of the projects I have in mind don’t seem impossible to do. But I certainly don’t have the chops to jump into these projects. I’ve been researching videos and blogs that explain how a newbie like myself can get started.

In fact, I mentioned to my father-in-law that I wanted to set up a little shop and he scored a miter saw at a garage sale the very next day. I think that means we have most of the basics, I still need to do some inventory.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks watching YouTube videos and learning the basics of woodworking. Then, I’ll have to choose a first project to try my hand at building!

Projects I have in mind

As I said before, living. in our home for almost a year has given me time to come up with many ideas to get to work on. Knowing how to measure, cut and build with wood will help me get these projects off the ground. It’s my goal to continue adding to the unique elements of our home by creating one-of-a-kind features.

Here are some projects I would love to take on:

  • Patio bench that doubles as storage
  • Bookshelf in our bedroom
  • Laundry room makeover
  • Chicken coop
  • She-shed / garden office
  • Garden boxes
  • Various garden and yard structures

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ideas to get to work on. If you have any resources that you find helpful for building or woodworking, send them my way! I’m all eyes and ears right now.

So, what. do you think? Do you think I’m crazy??? Do you think I will follow through on my desire to learn this skill?

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