How to make the prettiest layered ombre citrus ice cubes

Have you seen these layered citrus ice cubes floating around on the ‘gram lately? As a fan of fancy cubes, I was excited to create them recently for a photoshoot with my favorite cocktail mixer brand at the bungalow! When Iconic Cocktail Co. reached out for a collaboration photoshoot I...

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Desert Dwelling Darling “Glam Collection”

Desert Dwelling Darling is a Phoenix-based jewelry brand. The gorgeous shimmery, sparkly earrings in these photos are a part of her “Desert Glam” collection, but I’d like to respectfully request a rebrand to “Bungalow Glam.” This collection of photos utilizes my beloved “Mama Monstera”, natural rattan elements, a gold framed mirror.

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8 quirks that make our home one-of-a-kind

It’s no secret that older homes can come with some quirks, and ours is no exception. When we first laid eyes on our home, we were bewildered and excited all at the same time. At first, the charm blew us away. Who cares about the quirks, do you see these...

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