Better-than-the-donut-shop strawberry donuts with an unexpected twist

These aren't your average strawberry donuts -- these have a fun fresh-from-the-garden twist that you'll have to try sometime!

Bring the flavors of a summer garden to the table in an unexpected way with these homemade strawberry donuts. Tender, baked donuts are bursting with fresh strawberries, triple dunked in a strawberry glaze and drizzled with basil-infused white chocolate. What?! Did I saw basil-infused white chocolate???

Sure did.

While I’m here to tell you all about them, this post serves two purposes:

  1. Encourage you to try to make homemade donuts some time!
  2. Share a unique flavor combo — get the wheels turnin!

This post is not a recipe, rather a tale of how I very loosely followed someone else’s recipe and winged the rest. If you don’t know by now, that is kind of my style, a “thrower-togetherer” if you will.

Homemade glazed strawberry donuts

I recently saw a recipe for homemade donuts and felt inspired to purchase For the donut, I used randomly picked this strawberry donut recipe, there’s a lot of ’em out there so choose one that looks good to you.

While you can certainly fry your own donuts at home (I absolutely support that), these donuts are baked. My makeshift ziplock “piping bag” malfunctioned and I definitely over-filled my pan but things turned out alright. Don’t worry if yours come out all bumpy as mine did, those end up being the bottom.

Once my donuts were done, I set them out on a cooling rack to rest while I made my glaze.

Strawberry glaze

You’ll need:

  • Fresh strawberries
  • Powdered sugar

You can mash up your strawberries to create more of a “rustic” glaze, I chose to make a more smooth strawberry “syrup”. I put my strawberries on a low simmer in a pot with a little bit of water and then strained the pulp out. I rinsed the pot out and set it to the side.

In a medium-sized bowl, combine a little bit of the strawberry juice or mashed strawberries with about a cup of powdered sugar. Adjust consistency by adding a little more strawberry syrup if necessary. You want it to be nice and smooth but not over-runny.

I gave my donuts a triple glaze — because why not? I didn’t want all that amazing glaze to go to waste. To do this, hold the donut smooth side up, dipping the top of it in the glaze. Shake off any excess. While those set, I made my basil-infused white chocolate.

Basil-infused white chocolate drizzle

I know this seems strange, and I kind of have to agree. But I’ve been feeling so inspired lately to incorporate the flavors and smells of the garden into everything I do. I love a strawberry-basil combo just about any day of the week and any time of year. It’s classic!

We have a ton of basil to start using up, so this idea randomly came to me. Here’s how I brought it to life — I used:

  • White chocolate chips
  • Half and half
  • Fresh basil

First, I poured about 1/2 cup of half and half into my pot and placed my basil leaves in the pot. On a low simmer for about 10 minutes, stir frequently letting that basil flavor infuse into the cream. It did break a little bit but it turned out fine, not sure what the answer to that is. Maybe a little acid such as lemon?

Next, I strained the leaves out and set the basil-infused cream to the side. I then melted the white chocolate and combined the basil goodness. I used a fork to drizzle the white cholate basil onto the glaze and let them rest for 10 minutes. For fun, I crushed up some dehydrated strawberry into colorful dust and sprinkled atop the donuts.

And that’s how I did it! I can’t wait to make more fun donut flavor combos at home, taking suggestions in the comments below!

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