Meet me under the twinkling Myrtle berry and citrus

Myrtle berry and citrus collide to create an en enchanting tablescape and display -- the perfect organic backdrop for a dinner party.

Myrtle berry and citrus collide to create an en enchanting tablescape and display — the perfect organic backdrop for a dinner party.

Last year we hosted family at our house for the holidays and I decided that the dinner table needed a little pizzaz (ok maybe a lot). In true-to-myself fashion, I had a big vision and it involved lots of greenery from our yard.

I am always looking for a way to create an “experience.” Since the bungalow in the fall/wintertime is such a lovely place full of seasonal delights, this was a fun way to combine all of the things I love about our yard in one place.

Finding inspiration from the greenery in our yard for the tablescape

The changing of the season brings on many botanic cycles ending and beginning. In the fall, pinecones and pecans sprinkle the ground, the pomegranate and citrus are ripening, and the Myrtle is bursting with fragrant leaves and blue berries.

My goal was to create a dreamy tablescape and suspended install using the elements from our bountiful yard. We have a tall pergola that I used to my advantage.

I had a vision and A LOT of greenery to work with, so I got to work, setting the display up several days before the event. I had the time leading up to the dinner off of work, so I had the luxury of taking my time. If I was on a shorter timeline, I would have enlisted a few people to help me!

Creating the suspended greenery install

I foraged our yard for supplies — Myrtle branches, citrus branches and pecans. I also had handy some twinkle lights, flickering LED battery-operated candles and a roll of wire fencing. To get started, I made sure to create the install without the table or any other furniture underneath me so that. I could freely move my ladder around.

To create the suspended installation:

  1. Using a roll of wire fencing, I measured the length of the long table we had set up, adding about 25% more length before clipping. (Using a roll of wire can be reallllll tricky if you’re on your own. Be extra careful it doesn’t snap up and poke you almost in the eye….don’t ask how I know)
  2. Next, I used metal wire to attach it to the pergola, keeping it lower to the ground so I could reach it without a ladder.
  3. Taking my branches of greenergy, I weaved the branches using their natural shape to hang it from the wire, fruit side down.
  4. Once it was filled to my liking, I added the twinkle lights.
  5. Lastly, I shortened the length of the wires holding the greenery stuffed wiring so that it was a good height to hang above the dinner table. I went around and adjusted the shape of the wire fencing.

Once I got the table set up underneath the hanging Myrtle and citrus, it was time to make the table garland. (Don’t forget to put the tablecloth down first!)

I had the week off of work. It was so nice to take a few days to create this suspended Myrtle berry and citrus feature.

Tabletop organic garland

Now that the main attraction was done, it was time to create the table garland. I used more Myrtle branches, pecans, pinecones and LED candles. To make the garland, I simply laid branches of Myrtle one after another going down the middle of the table.

Once the fullness of the garland was sufficient, I placed the pinecones and pecans spaced out around the greenery. Then I finished it off with the LED candles.

It was perfect and so satisfying to know that all the beauty created came from our own yard.

The details of completing the tablescape

The tablescape is almost complete. For this occasion, I ordered a pack of blush plastic disposable tablecloths for ease of clean up. I then took a roll of pink butcher paper and rolled it down the middle to use as a runner. I then took kraft paper doilies and put them in place of traditional chargers at each guest’s seat.

We contemplated using some family china but ultimately ended up using really cute disposable plates. I ordered some really good quality navy dinner napkins which was a nice pop against the blush, but it also tied into the plate design. The table was looking absolutely perfect as we laid out an eclectic mix of green and amber vintage goblets and coups.

The vintage glass was a perfect touch — especially with the flickering candlelight shining through. Highly recommend a collection of vintage glassware to use when you have guests over. It makes me so happy!

The setup looked wonderful! Not to toot my own horn here too loud, but I really feel like I outdid myself! It was, however, a lot of work for just one person, even with my Mother In Law stepping in to help one afternoon. But would I do it again? Absolutely! Not too shabby for the first time, eh?

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