Welcome to the newly reimagined Flower Bungalow, a vibrant place where creativity blooms through the arts. 

The Flower Bungalow is a place–our home–an eclectic bungalow in Phoenix, AZ that inspires me daily and that inspiration has carried into my work. I suppose I’m not surprised as it’s where I work from day to day.

As I continue to evolve as a creator (and quite frankly, a human) I knew it was time to create a website that I was excited to show off to the world. I am proud to say that I have never been more proud of a creation before.

A vibrant place where creativity blooms

My goal for this redesign was to update my backend, redesign my front end and create an online experience that leaves no questions as to who I am, what I’m capable of and what I can offer to others.

At the intersection of many different artistic disciplines, you’ll find me and my current journey of creating a vibrant, delicious, inspiring multi-faceted life and ultimately, business.

New and improved experience — what’s new?

This version of my website was developed using Elementor Pro + WordPress to create a more rich and more interactive experience. Desktop viewers will discover a multi-layer parallax hero section that appears to pop off the screen, as well as objects that move based on scroll-triggered animation or a mouse hover.


To create a richer color experience, I added two additional hues to my brand palette, a muted, yet vibrant gold and deep forest green. The two colors create a visually appealing contrast that my site was lacking in its former version.

Inspired by elements found around the inside and outside of The Flower Bungalow, I added playful yet realistic items to the design. The gold vintage frames, flora, fauna, vegetation and items you see on the site are there because they exist to some degree in real life.

In addition to a refreshed color palette and design, I also introduced content pillar categories. As someone who likes to create through many different outlets, it felt right to present my work in five artistic categories:


The Art of Living


The Art of Living encompasses the elements of a home and garden lifestyle. I truly believe that living well and true to ourselves is an art form. Our spaces should be an extension of who we are and provide the tools and space to support the activities that help us be successful at the parts of life we value the most. 

These same principles guide my web designs for clients, how do you need your site to function and how can we make it an extension of you or your brand?

Arts & Crafts


I believe we are happiest when we are creating. I find joy in creating arts and crafts with materials I may already have or can find around my yard. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy using modern-day tools like an electronic cutting machine or a 3D printer.

Culinary Arts

The bungalow kitchen is my happy place. I’ve always loved to cook but I didn’t really start to harness this as a skill until the last few years. I would describe my cooking style as rooted in feel-good comfort food infused with fresh seasonal ingredients. 

While I enjoy eating food, I really enjoy the process of cooking a million times more. The scents, the colors, the textures, the tastes….it’s all a big adventure. Growing my own ingredients has only grown my love for the culinary arts.

Digital Art


Creating visual art is a new art form for me. I have been honing my own personal style lately and I feel more aligned with my creativity than ever. My creations are comprised of existing clip art and visual assets that I combine to create a vibrant work of digital art. The Digital Art category is intended to showcase work that I am creating for my clients.

Explore the new site and reach out if you think my style is a good fit for your project


Have a look and let me know what you think! If my style resonates with you, get in touch with me. I would love to see how I can create something bold and exciting for you.

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