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3 shows that will inspire aspiring homesteaders

Three shows I'm binging this weekend to inspire the development of our homestead!

It’s a long and very hot weekend here in Phoenix, so we’re passing some of our time binging a few (new to us) series. If I’m being honest, the true crime and paranormal shows lineup on the new Discovery+ app encouraged me to happily pay for another subscription-based service. But, a few of the shows on Magnolia Network’s section of the app caught my eye.

After almost completing a three-show-binge, I can assure you they are totally swoon-worthy. Of course, I already have my sights set on a few more of the network’s series, they all look so good! I must admit, I never caught the “Chip and Jo” bug, but I’m really enjoying the content on their network.

So far, the three shows I have watched have left me feeling inspired, I felt like I had to spread the word! Just like falling in love with cooking a little more after watching “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” I’m also excited to apply some of the ideas and concepts I’ve learned from these shows into real-life plans we’re currently making!

Here are three shows I insist you watch!


Homegrown was just renewed for a second season, so I’m really happy about that! In this show, Atlanta- based urban farmer and founder of Patchwork City Farms, Jamila “Farmer J” Norman, helps families turn their yards into functional growing and gathering spaces. The yard designs are not only beautiful, but they are also practical, which really got my wheels turning. Especially the parts about a chicken coup and rainwater reclamation barrel — both things we are in the process of adding to our yard and homestead practices.

Growing Floret

Floret is a flower farm in Washington that specializes in heirloom flower varieties and seeds. Growing Floret is a four-part docuseries that chronicles floral-visionary Erin Benzakein’s struggles to turn her flower farm dream into a reality. Spoiler alert, she does, but I really enjoyed an inside look into the ups and downs of expanding a business, a creative practice, and creating. a community. Their story is truly inspiring.

Ranch to Table

Ranch to Table features seventh-generation cattle rancher Elizabeth Poett runs her family’s huge ranch, Rancho San Julian while crafting amazing dishes with fresh ingredients.

I think the combination of these shows kind of align with the vibe I’m aiming for at The Flower Bungalow. A little urban gardening mixed with a dreamy flower garden, but with a southwestern, yet modern, flair. Can you see it like I can?

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