Styling a Topo Chico bottle as decor 6 ways

Here at the bungalow, we are big fans of the sparkling mineral water brand, Topo Chico. I recently used the bottles with greenery and flowers to style a garden party and fiesta baby shower. It’s true, I love using a repurposed glass bottle for many occasions. For some reason though, Topo Chico bottles make the sweetest little touch of decor.

Topo Chico bottles come in a few different shades of glass. I have seen clear, a light green and a darker green color. No matter what color bottle you get, they all have a cute little yellow label on them that adds a fun little pop of color to any tabletop, counter or windowsill.

Of course, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using a glass bottle as a vase. Here are some ideas to get you started if you want to create your own glass bottle decor!

6 ways to repurpose Topo Chico glass bottles

  1. Monstera clippings
  2. Colorful Gerber daisies
  3. Olive branch clippings
  4. Fresh herbs like basil
  5. Japanese pittosporum
  6. Lavender

So start setting your eggshells and glass bottles aside for some sustainable swaps. You’ll have to be sure to check out the IG reel I made about this! Follow me on IG for more fun reels!

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