Do lazy Sundays still exist from here on out?

Football Sundays are back, and although I'm not the biggest fan, I do love the changes the season brings with it.

Sundays have been pretty lazy around here lately– it’s been too dang hot! I’ve always joked that Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” is really about living in Arizona because our seasonal depression hits opposite the rest of the country.

Let’s throw it back together shall we? Gosh, this song brings me back to much simpler times!

Although we still have triple-digit weather on the horizon, there have been some shifts. While the days are scorchers still, we are starting to hit that point where the mornings and evenings bite a little less. (No, I’m not talking about the zombie mosquitos we’ve all been experiencing in Phoenix.)

I’m talking about the days where the low in the morning right before the sun rises drops below 90 degrees. It may seem silly, but a low of 85 versus 93 makes such a huge difference. We’re moving to that point where there’s a larger difference from the lows to the highs. Here in the low desert, it’s possible for there to be a 40 or 45-degree temperature difference from day to day.

Sundays are now for football ’round here

As I walked around our home yesterday, I realized my husband put football on every TV — in and out — of our house. I chuckled out loud, to which he replied, “of course!” Our families have some big football fans, so the spirit of Sunday football is strong around here!

Although I wouldn’t call myself a football fan necessarily, I do love the excitement that football season brings. It means other things are on the horizon — cooler weather, the holidays, gathering with friends and family and of course, of course, of course, delicious food.

Now that we are in this season, I’m aiming to have an appetizer or two up my sleeve each weekend. Bonus points if the ingredients are fresh from the garden! We gathered with friends yesterday and I brought two easy-to-make-dishes that I’ll be sharing more of on the blog this week.

Days in the garden are a day well spent

While the rest of my family goes goo-goo over football, I have my sights set on the dirt outside of our home. You may know that I recently watched some shows that left me feeling quite inspired to ramp up the homestead. So far, because of the mosquitos and heat, I have been only been able to spend very limited time outside which has me feeling a little frustrated in terms of the progress I could be making.

Determined to feel accomplished yesterday, I suited up in long sleeves and pants and got to work. I spent some time prepping a garden bed in the front of our house with a few layers of dirt and soil. Next, I need to amend it with some compost and then I can get to planting!

I am working to make The Flower Bungalow a little more, well, flowery. We happen to live on Flower Street, so TBH that’s where the name for this blog came from because I created it before we actually moved. My name choice back then may end up fueling some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy though, we shall see!

So back to my original question, do lazy Sundays exist anymore?

I guess I’ll say…. sort of. I believe that rest is so important, especially these days. I’ll put it out into the world that I vow to make progress towards my dreams every weekend while making rest a priority. And perhaps, I’ll even slow down to watch some football from time to time.

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