Flower Bungalow 3.0 is here + some exciting updates!

A new and improved web experience is now live! Plus, some other exciting updates.

I am so thrilled to be typing this — Flower Bungalow 3.0 is finally here! Cue the confetti!

Why the change — again?

Yes, yes, I know. I KNOW. I’m well aware of the fact that I’ve told you all several times that the site is new and improved this year. But this time is different.

You may remember that earlier this year I “relaunched.” Really, that was me moving my site over to a different platform and rebuilding from behind the scenes. After that was said and done though, I wasn’t in love with the design and layout.

Once I took some time to develop a vision for The Flower Bungalow, I realized that my current web experience didn’t reflect who I am and where I want to take things.

So while life has been zipping by lately, I’ve been pulling late nights and early mornings to get my vision for this baby right. Now I’m ready to get this party started! So what’s different this time?

Improved & expanded web experience

The former version of my site had a whopping 3 pages, the new version has 10. More pages don’t always mean an improved experience, but I think it does in this case. My goal for the new pages was to try to translate the main facets of bungalow life onto the web experience. The bungalow is a magical place in person, I want viewers to get a glimpse of that magic online. Feel free to click around the links up at the top to see what I mean.

I’m starting a business!

Say hello to the proud founder of Flower Bungalow LLC (me, that’s me). All within 48 hours, I filed my LLC, started a business checking account and relaunched my website. *Just a moment of appreciation for following dreams*. I’ve always admired small business owners for their gusto and ambition. I’m ready to have a seat at that table. These foundational steps lay the groundwork to build The Flower Bungalow into its own brand and business.

Product recommendations

Step 1 of the new business –you will see me share products I want you to genuinely know about. I already do it in a lot of ways. My audience should know though, I’ve taken a stance in regards to monetizing my website. You can read about it more in my affiliate marketing policy but to sum it up I will:

  • Never dilute my site’s web experience with trash ads.
  • Only affiliate with brands and products I personally use and love.
  • Never monetize off of Amazon or giant corporation partnerships and affiliations.
  • Always disclose affiliate brands and products.
  • Pursue local artist and business opportunties.

So what does this mean exactly? Viewers and supporters of The Flower Bungalow will now have the opportunity to shop product recommendations from my site. Purchases made through any affiliate brands that come from my site will result in a commission paid to me, and I will always disclose that.

Now seeking local brand collaborations and partnerships

While I may be affiliating with national brands and products, I’m still a local lover through and through. That’s why I am seeking collaborations and partnerships with local artists, businesses and brands. I have always dreamt of doing this and I’m ready to turn this dream into a reality. If you or someone you know is a good fit for The Flower Bungalow brand, please send an email to [email protected].

The types of opportunities I’m seeking:

  • Content collaborations
  • Product development
  • Lifestyle opportunties including cooking, gardening, homesteading

Woo hoo! Those are all the updates I have (for now). There are some fun additions coming to the site soon like seasonal content and my own little digital shop. In the meantime, look out for more product affiliation announcements and other exciting updates from the bungalow.

Explore Flower Bungalow 3.0

Be sure to let me know what you think of the new site in the comments below!

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