Affiliate Marketing

When I first created The Flower Bungalow, I vowed to not litter my site with yucky advertisements (which is funny because I work in Marketing). So what’s in it for me, then?

Simply put, blogging brings me a lot of joy and allows me to practice my professional skills in a different environment than the web properties I manage at work. It’s a creative outlet and an imaginative place for me to share more about our home, lifestyle, family and projects.

Now that I’ve been blogging for over 5 years, the time has come for me to seek brand partnerships and share products that I use every day and genuinely love. As of November 2021, I am establishing affiliations with brands.

What does affiliation mean?

Affiliation means that I am displaying products upon entering an agreement with a brand, and each time someone purchases from my site, I earn a portion of the sales.

In other words, it’s a way for me to earn money from all the hard work I put into my site (without littering with yucky ads). If there are affiliate links displayed on a blog post or webpage, I will always include a statement disclosing that. My goal is to be transparent during these engagements because the truth is, a lot of people aren’t.

Honestly, this is a tough stance to take, but one I’m happy to. Some people start websites with the goal of earning passive income from ad views and clicks on their websites. I started a website as a platform to connect with others and hone in on creative and web development skills, and I intend to not ever lose sight of that.

What your support means

Running a website isn’t free and I’ve been wanting to find a way to at a minimum, break even. Affiliate marketing will allow me to do that. Besides that, establishing affiliate marketing partnerships allows me to grow as a brand.

Why is that important? Because I dream of growing The Flower Bungalow into its own business and brand. As a brand, The Flower Bungalow will seek local artists and creatives to partner with and create collaborative products to sell.

Even if you can’t monetarily support this little dream of mine, that’s ok! The fact that you’re even reading this means you’re taking time out of your day to view my site — which is awesome!

Remember, there are free ways to support a small business, by subscribing to my newsletter, engaging with me on social or sharing out my content with others if you like what you see! Thank you for being here.

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