Moments that make my heart sing: The day we planted a garden

Have a look at the beginnings of The Flower Bungalow's garden and some really cute little helpers.

I’ve been meaning to share photos from the day we started a garden about 2 months ago. We paid a visit to our neighborhood nursery, Arcadia Color Garden, and loaded up on herbs and veggies. Oh, and dirt, lots and lots of dirt.

This is our first garden at The Flower Bungalow. To our delight, the home came with an abundance of botanic bounty.

After a few months we’ve had some successes, some failures, but I know that it’s going to only get better as time goes on. I felt compelled to write a poem for the first time basically ever in my life when I was looking through the pictures. So…. here goes.

My darlings, we planted a garden

We planted a garden,
Together we started,
A fresh place for our roots to grow.

We planted a garden,
From heaviness, our hearts departed,
For the day brought us new hope to sow.

We planted a garden,
The glory of our time together uncharted,
My dears I hope you know,

That when we planted a garden,
You, my darlings,
Helped carry my worries away with each wind’s blow.

We planted our garden on election day 2020. The day felt lighter, hope was in the air. The sunny skies had scattered clouds and the breeze was strong. It was a day to mark a new beginning, in life and in the garden.

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