Hello, world. This is a new blog.

No, it's not deja vu. I'm starting another blog.

A new blog for a new adventure. If you’re reading this right now, it’s most likely because you know me or my family. Your support means the world. You’re also probably experiencing an uncertain world in some way, just like we are.

the weight of the world

It’s no doubt that this is a heavy time in history. Our “normal” world as we know it has been pulled out from under us. Our family is lucky to have each other and so far, our health and security of our jobs. We are blessed with a chance to start a new chapter in our family’s story. I know this is not everyone’s reality right now.

We don’t take the pain of the world lightly. Our conversations about being better humans and racial injustice have been a constant in our home. This time has been an awakening. There’s so much to learn and understand still. We are humbled and all ears.

there’s no time like the present

I started dreaming of this blog a few months ago. Throughout this time, cooking has been a very grounding experience. Photography, writing, digital design (albeit very amateur) and building a website have been an amazing creative outlet.

Plus, I am really inspired by Half Baked Harvest. The creator behind the cooking blog, Tieghan Gerard, creates beautiful food and photography. I bought her cookbook, “Super Simple,” and it’s been a game-changer.

In the months leading up to this, I’ve enjoyed all of the cooking-related chats and questions from friends and followers on Instagram. I took everyone’s feedback and encouragement to heart.

Those have really been the catalyst in the decision to start a blog up again. So thank you to everyone who has engaged, supported and taken the time to follow along.

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What i’ve learned since my last blog

Oh boy, where do I begin? I didn’t know it at the time, but my last website It’s Always Sunny in PHX (RIP) was a portal to a new dimension for me. It was the stepping stone for a young 20-something into a world of creativity, opportunity, passion and joy.

I feel very strongly that people should follow their curiosities and dreams. Even though that blog is a thing of the past, I’m proud of where that curiosity has led me today. Plus, I met amazing people and small business owners along the way. The love of local is deeply ingrained in my heart. You can expect to see more of that here.

On top of all of that, I’ve spent the past year as a digital strategist professionally. A very junior one, but hey we all have to start somewhere right?

I know I’m already living a dream, that’s why I wake up excited for what I do every day.

At the end of the day, I’m really excited for what’s to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I’m always open to feedback and ideas. Thank you for being here. You are magic.

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