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32 random things about us

In this post I'm sharing 32 random things about us.

Since we’re launching this new blog right around my 32nd birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 32 things about us. Seeing as how most of my lovely subscribers so far are friends and family, you probably know most of these things. Hopefully, you learn something new too.

Early life – High school

  1. I was born in Tampa, Florida and moved around a lot due to a military lifestyle.
  2. Tom’s roots run from Kansas City, Kansas. He moved to AZ when he was eight.
  3. We are both 1 of 3 siblings. Audria the oldest, Tom the youngest. Both have two brothers.
  4. Tom’s idols growing up were Michael Jordan and Kurt Cobain.
  5. Interestingly, I am the same amount younger than my mom than I am older than my youngest sibling.
  6. Tom got lost at Epcot when he was 7. He was found about to climb into the flamingo exhibit.
  7. I went to Yuma High School, home of the Yuma Criminals.
  8. I was awarded the honorary distinction of Ms. Criminal 2006.
  9. My first job was at Burger King.
  10. Tom’s was Coldstone Creamery.
  11. Tom played football, baseball and wrestled. He still loves a good game of hoops.
  12. I dabbled in marching band, tennis and volleyball, and cheerleading.
  13. The clarinet was my instrument of choice growing up. #bandgeek

About us in College

  1. Tom went to the UofA. (every UofA person reading this is probably thinking or shouting “Bear Down!” yea yea yea)
  2. I moved to Phoenix to be a Sun Devil in 2006.
  3. I was a merchandising intern at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for a semester in college.
  4. Sociology and Italiano were the focus of my studies at ASU.

a budding romance

  1. We’ve been together since 2013 when a mutual friend introduced us at The Little Woody. Still one of our favorite spots.
  2. Almost right away we realized both of our fathers have the same first and middle name. What are the odds?!
  3. Plus, our love was immediately bound by our super-fan obsession with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  4. When we first started dating, Tom took a trip to Asia. He took a photo of me around with him so we could “be together.” Swoooon.
  5. On top of that, Tom sent flowers to me at work every Monday. He even sent an Asian themed bouquet while he was abroad.
  6. While walking hand-in-hand wearing our respective teams’ shirts, at the UofA / ASU football game, some random stranger yelled down from the top of a parking garage, “get a new boyfriend!” I obviously didn’t listen.
  7. We married at the Desert Botanical Garden in 2015.
  8. St. Lucia was our honeymoon spot.

actual adulting

  1. Tom’s career is in finance. Mine in marketing.
  2. I have been at the same company for almost a decade now, but have worked in three different “industries”.
  3. About two summers ago, we became a one-car family. Probably will stay that way for a long time, if not forever.
  4. We purchased our first and current home together in 2016.

FUN things about us

  1. Our family’s Spotify accounts stream anything from Disney tunes to West Coast Hip Hop (Tom) to electronic music, to acoustic and folk. Someone in this house has a man-crush on John Mayer. I’ll let you guess who that is.
  2. I am a self-taught cooker, which you’ll quickly see. Cooking became less scary for me after using the meal service Blue Apron for about a year.
  3. Henry and Clara’s favorite past-times include snacks, Frozen 2, coloring on everything except paper, catching bugs, cooking with mom, jumping on the trampoline, torturing our two doggies – Winston and Belle – and squabbling.
  4. And last but certainly not least, Tom’s mom may or may not have sent in an audition of a young Tom for the role of Dennis, as in Dennis the Menace.

Well, there you have it! 32 random things about us. Did you learn anything new? Anything else you’d like to know as we begin to develop content? Let us know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “32 random things about us”

  1. You are amazing and I am excited you will be sharing your many talents! Your new home sounds wonderful! Congratulations and love to you all?

  2. Monica Anderson

    I forgot about his trip to Asia and taking your picture with him. That Tom!! ?

    I love it Aud!! All of it, I can’t wait to read more and I can’t wait to be a guest at The Flower Bungalow. For real the best street name its so fitting for you and this new journey ❤️

    1. Haha ohhhh the Asia trip. I rewatched our wedding video and forgot you mentioned the beads in Tom’s hair when you first met him…. hahaha. Thank you so much for the love and support always <3

  3. I finally hopped over to check out your new blog! I absolutely love it … the photos, recipes, everything. I’m hosting the fam for brunch on Sunday and I think I’m going to try my hand at the hotcakes recipe.
    Side note: I completely forgot about Tom’s experience at Epcot. We had a similar experience with Sean last summer in the London Underground. Crazy “adventure” that luckily ended well.

    1. Thank you Erin! Your kind words mean a lot. I hope you do try the sheet pan hotcakes! I found it really easy to not have to fuss with cooking them individually because let’s be honest the first few are always throwaways lol. And ah yes, the Epcot story is one of my favs and not the last time he’s been lost. Haha! I’m glad you guys found Sean!!

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