Meet Cayla Gray: The inspiring clean fragrance you need in your life

Cayla Gray's clean and non-toxic scents remind us to be in the moment. Meet the product, the brand and learn founder Kelly Kussman's heartfelt story.

Cayla Gray is so much more than a clean fragrance company. It’s a purposeful brand filled with heart, soul and connection. 

I recently received a discovery kit from the owner, Kelly Kussman. After a few sprays, I knew I had to tell my readers about these non-toxic and scrumptious fragrances. And don’t just take my word for it, to quote my six-year-old, “Mmmm mom, you smell good.”

Cayla Gray: A heartful brand and story

Initially, the beautiful aesthetic of the eco-friendly packaging and the branding elements caught my eye. So many bonus points for the lack of single-use plastic! But it wasn’t until I learned about the founder’s story, that I saw the beauty in the creation of the brand itself.

“Clean fragrance” means non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe. Here’s a list of ingredients that you will never find in a Cayla Gray product.

Sadly, Kelly understands life’s fragility all too well. After tragically losing her baby, the company’s namesake Cayla Gray, she found herself understandably swallowed by grief. She too almost lost her life and this was a lot to process. 

She recently shared more about her drive to launch her own company as a guest on the Boldly Courageous Podcast. As her life’s proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, she took grief, pain and wisdom and channeled it into the creation of a beautiful brand and product line. 

Concluding that life is too precious to not strive for her dreams, she found the strength and courage to embark on a new adventure. Something she dreamt of doing for over 20 years. She leaned on her husband and community mentors to take the leap.

Time is a precious gift.  Take a pause a few times a day and soak in the beautiful moments that surround you.  There is beauty everywhere if you take a moment to soak it in.

— Kelly Kussman

The power of connection

Cayla Gray was built on the power of connection. Not only by connecting with community mentors, but also by the powerful connection of scent and memory. It’s true, the scent of something can take you right back into a moment of time. Think cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, or the smell of the desert after rain. 

This led her to create four fragrances, one inspired by the comforts of each season:

  • Petals: Put some spring in your step with a spritz of this floral yet earthy spring-inspired scent.     
  • Water: Enjoy a never-ending seaside summer with this delightful and sunny scent.
  • Cozy: A creamy and dreamy fall scent that will cuddle your soul.
  • Hearth: This smoky and cozy winter scent will bring you fireside in your mind and warm your heart.

Words simply don’t do these delicious fragrances justice. I highly recommend ordering a discovery kit of your own! You’ll get a sample of each one, and I promise, you will fall in love instantly like I did. 

And to know that this business has given Kelly her spark back after heartbreak, makes me want to support her and her brand even more. Kelly, thank you for bravely sharing your story with us.

Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories

Capture #morethanamemory with timeless scents from Cayla Gray, your future self will thank you. Shop the fragrances at a few Valley retail locations, or purchase online. Be sure to follow on Instagram too!

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