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Answering the question, "What is an Instagram Guide," and sharing the latest guides I've published on the photo-sharing social platform.

Instagram Guides are a new feature on the photo-sharing social media platform. I recently created a few and I think you should check them out! If you’re curious about guides as a whole, I’ll give a high-level overview.

If you don’t care, skip to the guides section.

But first, what is an Instagram guide?

Recently, Instagram rolled out a new way to share content called “Instagram Guides.” In essence, a guide can be created by featuring posts as a curated list. Currently, there are three type of guides available – posts, products or location-based.

In my opinion, there are a few benefits to creating a guide on Instagram:

  • Easy to create
  • Shareable content
  • Sales generation
  • Provides value to your audience
  • Better user experience

Typical to the experience of adopting a new feature or app in its infancy, there are some wrinkles to smooth out still. For instance, as a guide creator, I don’t get notified when someone shares my guide. Sadly, there’s no analytics around them just yet either. As a reader, you have to dig around a bit to find guides to explore.

Guides to Phoenix-area accounts

With a sprawling population of over 4.5 million, the Phoenix metro area is home to an inspiring community of creators, small businesses, products and services. And in a time of social distancing and disconnection, it’s time to reconnect to and rediscover the community all around us.

Sure, there are already a ton of resources out there that allow you to research businesses in the area. But these guides are curated by me and introduce you to local accounts that you otherwise may not know about.

In the digital age, our feeds are a way to put our energy out into the world. Discovering a local business via Instagram can put you on the fast track to determining if you like a brand or not.

As a visual learner, I happen to love discovering products and services through Instagram.

Check out my Instagram account guides

Previously, I tried my hand at publishing account guides on the blog, like my vintage and florist guides. I decided to move my IG guides over to Instagram Guides. Here are the latest guides you will find on The Flower Bungalow Instagram account:

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