It’s spring at The Flower Bungalow!

Spring has sprung at the bungalow and we soaked in the beautiful weekend.

Spring officially sprung this weekend and Phoenix was blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather.

Our yellow irises are well on their way to popping up from the ground again – the ultimate sign of spring! We are so thankful the bungalow’s yard has seasonal plants and shrubs to look forward to. It would be pure perfection if the irises bloomed in time for Easter.

We definitely took advantage of the mild temps and sunshine this weekend! It was a really great couple of days.

When I stop to think about the fact that we have blazed through a year of the pandemic and work- and school-from-home, my mind is totally blown. It really was the longest and fastest year of my life. But I’m feeling a sense of rejuvenation and relief as we reach the one-year mark.

Spring 2021 is here and we made the most of it

March 2021 is already proving to be so much better. My husband and I are vaccinated along with a growing number of our family members. SUCH A RELIEF.

To that end, we are slowly moving toward adjusting to a new normal. Clara is going back to in-person school this week and she is beyond excited.

Our girl is a social creature so we are so happy she gets to take part in school again. We did switch her to a new school, but she’s going to have no problem making friends fast.

Knowing it was Clara’s last weekend before the hustle and bustle of school begin, we soaked in all of our time together. Although this year has been hard, it’s amazing to see how close her and her little brother are now.

This time has made our bonds stronger and that will forever and always be the silver lining to the pandemic.

Ways we celebrated Spring

Saturday morning was the Spring equinox and the kids kicked off their celebration by SLEEPING IN. It was a miracle.

I had time to walk around our yard and take in all the sounds and sights of spring in bloom (even without all the construction on homes that usually takes place every morning).

Recently, we added a few peach trees to our collection of vegetation, so I marveled at little baby peaches and took in the smells of all the citrus trees blossoms.

I even made a few discoveries! We have a big vine in the middle of our yard that the yard guys kept cutting to keep at bay but its trunk is pretty big. The last few days the buds have been opening up and it’s the most beautiful purple flower – wisteria.

We also have a tree that we have debated about it being a lemon or a lime tree, but I settled that debate after plucking some amazingly scented LIMES off the tree.

Through this process though, I did learn that limes do turn yellow when ripe and that the limes we buy at the store are actually “underripe”. Huh….who knew?!

Later that morning, we went to one of our favorite farmer’s markets, planted a few new tomato plants, spent time together prepping food together in the kitchen, got the kids fresh haircuts, did lots of swinging and playing out in the yard, tended to our garden and made a fresh batch of garden-fresh ranch.

What you can expect to see this week

I’m going to be sharing more about a couple of things as their own posts throughout this week so you’ll have to check back. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Simple marinated tomatoes
  • Garden plant marker DIY
  • Some fun photos I took for a local candle company
  • Simple sunday Sangria recipe

I didn’t get around to doing much spring cleaning like I hoped to, but that’s ok. We had a great weekend, and Tom and I even got to go on a short little date Saturday night! We had two hours and spent the first 20 minutes of it just sitting in our car trying to decide what to do. It was overwhelming. But it felt so good to be out and about safely vaccinated.

How did you celebrate Spring this weekend?

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