Earthy desert-inspired paints to choose a new door color from

Help me choose a new door color from this earthy and desert-inspired palette.

Since we moved in, I’ve imagined an earthy door color for the double doors that lead into our bedroom. After entirely overthinking it, I did what any other millennial would do and took to the internet. I wanted to pick some colors, digitally envision them and take a vote.

Sherwin Williams has a tool called ColorSnap® that seemed pretty straight forward. I gathered up some inspiration and got to pickin’ colors. There’s quite a few factors that went in to how I chose the palette of colors you see in this post.

How I chose an earthy and desert-inspired palette of door color options

Most of us know the process well. We go to the home improvement store and stand in front of the wall of paint swatches, grabbing way too many. We bring it home and hold it up to the wall, maybe during different times of the day, not sure of which way to go.

This time around, I’m taking a more tactful approach. Mostly because I want to pick the perfect color, but also because there is a lot going on in the kitchen already. The doors lead in from our kitchen which is covered in a really bold tile.

From this perspective, the double doors would be behind me. They’re very much apart of the kitchen.

1. Notice your surroundings

Being that I drew inspiration from my surroundings for the Flower Bungalow’s brand colors, I was already hyper-focused on the colors in our life. I recently redesigned my website and modified the color palette to align with the aesthetic of our new home.

Because we have that really bold kitchen tile, I started to notice how different colors look in the kitchen against the designs. For starters, terracotta-potted plants, my Great Jones Broccoli-colored Fully Baked set and the yellow in our kitchen tile really stood out to me as jumping-off points.

2. Narrow it down to a few colors

Taking those objects into consideration, I decided I wanted to try a few different hues:

  • Neutral
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green

With that being said, I think I still wound up with too many test colors. I want to be extra sure that if we go with an orange or terracotta hue, that we pick the absolute best color.

And just like bringing physical items into your space may help, so does trying them out digitally!

3. Use digital tools to choose a new door color

As I said, I used Sherwin Williams Colorsnap tool to try these colors out. To be honest, it was the first intuitive tool I came across. It wasn’t the first I tried, but the other ones seemed like there was a learning curve and I wanted to jump right in.

Other digital tools I used in this process:

Without further ado, here are the colors I’m eyeing. I certainly have a few favorites, but I would love to see what you think too! Be sure to comment which ones are your favorite, and I’ll keep my readers and IG audience posted!


“Before” Plain White

Eastlake Gold




Copper Pot


Copper Mountain






Hunt Club




One thing I learned during this process, is that I can’t paint straight in real life or digitally! I missed a spot on the bottom of the doors and was too dug in to change them. Whoops! ?

It wasn’t until I actually pulled all my colors together, that I decided they were desert-inspired. Kind of a backwards way to do it, don’t you think?

Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap tool can pick colors for you from an uploaded picture. Probably would have saved me some time, but I didn’t know I was going for earthy and desert-inspired when I started this process.

I threw the last grey color in there as a neutral choice because we have two sets of french doors that are a similar color. Personally, I’m really drawn to “Hunt Club” and “Copper Mountain.”

What do you think???

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