5 simple ways to get in the holiday spirit at home

I sure do love getting into the holiday spirit at home, in simple ways. Here are 5 ways that our family gets into the spirit of the season.

Let me tell ya, we have been totally soaking in the holiday spirit at home lately. I didn’t realize how much my soul needed holiday cheer until I started breaking out the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

Last weekend I snuck out of the house before everyone woke up for an early morning Target run. Now that we are more settled I was finally ready to face breaking out those Christmas decor boxes that we just packed away…again.

As one does, I spent way too much money on a “quick trip to Target.” I came back with armfuls of bags of holiday cheer. Since then, we’ve indulged in all of the merriment, so I thought it’d be fun to share a few ideas to help you feel the holiday spirit too.

Ways to get in the holiday spirit

Here are 5 easy ways to get into the spirit at home!

1. Holiday scents

For me, it’s all about the earthy fall and Christmas smells. I quite literally can’t get enough of woodsy pine, fresh cut-fir, cranberry, peppermint, winter citrus, eucalyptus. Ugh, it’s all so good. Here are some ways to enjoy holiday scents around your home:

Ok, so I know that cleaning supplies is kind of weird, but with kids, I clean quite often. So this time of year I always switch to Mrs. Meyer’s clean day holiday all-purpose spray. Trust me. I’ll take all the cheer I can get this year.

2. Gingerbread house

This is probably already a tradition for a lot of people, But if it’s not for you, this is your PSA to go out and get one to do!

There are some really unique gingerbread house kits out there these days. This year we’ve already done a sugar cookie llama house and a gingerbread football stadium. We still have a kit for Santa’s hipster camper in our pantry too.

3. S’mores and hot cocoa by the fire

It’s actually been pretty nippy lately here in Phoenix, so we have fired up our home’s outside chimney a few times. There’s nothing better than sitting under the stars, wrapped up in a blanket, the smell and feel of a toasty fire, and ooey, gooey smores. Wash it down with some hot cocoa and you’ve got the best night ever.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still make oven or microwave s’mores. Crank the heat, turn a yule log video on your TV and cozy up.

4. Holiday garland

Does anyone else remember making those construction countdown garlands in elementary school? I would make them in alternating green and red and rip one off every day as we get closer to Christmas.

I’m happy to say my holiday garlands skills have kicked up a notch since then. Recently, we made some dried citrus garland with winter citrus from our trees, greenery and cranberries. I can’t wait to make other natural garlands! What should I make next?

5. Christmas entertainment

The holidays are for sure a weird one this year. Our little family is finding ways to get into the spirit, social distancing style. Here’s what we’ve been up to or plan to do:

I know there are some other drive through experiences out there, but I haven’t looked into them much. If you know of any will you share them with me?

How is your family celebrating the holidays this year? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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